Prince Goodspeaker

Interpreter's Introduction
From the Storyteller to the Listeners

Demons in the Desert [The Correct Way of Thinking]
Finding a New Spring [Perseverance]
The Golden Plate [Greed and Honesty]
The Mouse Merchant [Diligence and Gratitude]
The Price Maker [Foolishness]

Prince Goodspeaker and the Water Demon

[Chapter 1. Rebirth of the Bodhisatta ]
[Chapter 2. The Teaching of the Gods ]

Little Prince No-father [The Power of Truth]
The One-hundredth Prince [Obedience to a Wise Teacher]
The King With One Grey Hair [Ordination]
The Happy Monk [Joys of the Spiritual Life]
Beauty and Grey [A Wise Leader]

King Banyan Deer

[Chapter 1. Compassion]
[Chapter 2. Teaching]

Mountain Buck and Village Doe [Infatuation]
The Wind-deer and the Honey-grass [The Craving for Taste]
The Fawn Who Played Hooky [Truancy]
The Fawn Who Played Dead [Attendance]
The Wind and the Moon [Friendship]
The Goat Who Saved the Priest [Ignorance]
The God in the Banyan Tree [A Bad Promise]
The Monkey King and the Water Demon [Attentiveness]
The Tree That Acted Like a Hunter [Impatience]
The Dog King Silver [Justice]
The Great Horse Knowing-one [Courage]
Dirty Bath Water [Cleanliness]
Ladyface [Association]
Best Friends [The Power of Friendship]
The Bull Called Delightful [All Deserve Respect]
Grandma's Blackie [Loving-kindness]
Big Red, Little Red and No-squeal [Envy]

The Heaven of 33

[Chapter 1. Co-operation ]
[Chapter 2. Compassion ]
[Chapter 3. Merit ]

The Dancing Peacock [Pride and Modesty]
The Quail King and the Hunter [Unity]
The Fortunate Fish [Desire]
The Baby Quail Who Could Not Fly Away [Power of Truth, Goodness & Compassion]
Wise Birds and Foolish Birds [Good Advice]
The Birth of a Banyan Tree [Respect for Elders]
The Crane and the Crab [Trickery]
Buried Treasure [The Arrogance of Power]
The Silent Buddha [Generosity]

The Curse of Mittavinda

[Chapter 1. Jealousy ]
[Chapter 2. Greed ]
[Chapter 3. Pleasure ]

The Pigeon and the Crow [The Danger of Greed]
Bamboo's Father [Wasted Advice]
Two Stupid Children [Foolishness]
Watering the Garden [Foolishness]
Salty Liquor [Foolishness]
The Magic Priest and the Kidnapper Gang [Power and Greed]
The Groom Who Lost His Bride to the Stars [Astrology]
The Prince Who Had a Plan [The Power of Superstition]