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The Five Precepts
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  • Buddhists don't believe in a god, how do you know right from wrongclick for answer 
  • So does Buddhism have a code of moralityclick for answer
  • But surely it is good to kill sometimes, eg disease-spreading insectsclick for answer
  • You Buddhists are too concerned about ants and bugsclick for answer
  • The Third Precept says we should avoid sexual misconduct. Explainclick for answer
  • Is sex before marriage a type a sexual misconductclick for answer
  • But what about lying? Is it possible to live without telling liesclick for answer
  • Well, what about alcohol? Surely a little drink doesn't hurtclick for answer
  • Drinking a small amount wouldn't be really breaking the preceptclick for answer
  • The five precepts are negative. They don't tell you what to doclick for answer

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