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What is Buddhism?
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  • What is Buddhismclick for answer
  • So Buddhism is just a philosophyclick for answer
  • Who was the Buddhaclick for answer
  • The Buddha is dead so how can he help usclick for answer
  • Was the Buddha a godclick for answer
  • If he is not a god, then why do people worship himclick for answer
  • But I have heard people say that Buddhist worship idols click for answer
  • Why do people do all kinds of strange things in Buddhist templesclick for answer
  • If Buddhism is so good why are some Buddhist countries so poorclick for answer
  • Why is it that you don't hear of Buddhist doing charitable workclick for answer
  • Why are there so many different types of Buddhismclick for answer
  • I suppose you think Buddhism is right and all others are wrongclick for answer
  • Is Buddhism scientificclick for answer

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